Quick Fire with Alex Hope

With opening night on the horizon we catch Alex Hope, who plays 'Jordan', for a quick fire round of questioning...

Hi Alex! It's less than a week till Clay opens, how are you feeling?! 
Excited and ecstatic about our new wee play! 

Have you learnt all your lines? Any special tricks?! 
I have, no special tricks I'm afraid, just good old fashioned repetition! 

Has it been nice to be reunited with Katharine and her scarf? 
Delightful! Speaking in Dutch accents has never been more helpful to the entirety of the production.

What has been your favourite rehearsal moment? Any bloopers?!
Oh, well, besides every waking moment, probably the entrance to the cabaret bar we were rehearsing in made by three grannies, unapologetically interrupting our rehearsal to view the room.

How is the PLAY/Clay process been in comparison to other theatre jobs you've worked on? What's creatively satisfying about it? 
It's been far closer and intimate an affair, hopefully the reasons for this will be obvious! Also having worked with the exact same team on the exact same words and characters has been thrilling, discovery and rediscovery aplenty

How would you describe the character of Jordan in three words? 
Tall, dark and unrelenting. 

If the toss up was between say, watching The Wire Boxset and coming to watch Clay, why should someone choose to come and watch Clay?
Well, the Wire Boxset is a thing that's not likely to stop happening very soon, whereas our audiences will be amongst a lucky handful of people that has seen this gorgeous, thrilling story about our ill-fated pair.

What's your post-show-tipple? Just so everyone knows what to have waiting at the bar for you... 
Whiskey, preferably a Glenlivet, preferably a double. 

Clay runs at The Pleasance Theatre from the 12th - 24th April 7.45pm (5.30pm Sundays)
Tickets £10/12. Book Now!

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