Quick fire with Katharine Drury

With less than a week to go before Clay opens at The Pleasance Theatre, we catch Katharine Drury, who plays the part of 'Lindsay', for a speedy interrogation...

Hi Katharine! It's less than a week to go...how are you feeling?!
80% excited. 20% nauseous.  

What's it been like going back moulding Clay (gettit) out of PLAY 8? 

It has been a delight. Clay the play is quite a different beast to PLAY 8 and that transformation has been an exciting thing to be part of. It's also been super dreamy to get back in the rehearsal room with Mr Hope and Adam and Hannah (aka the most glamorous writer and director in the world). 

Do you think there's lots of you in your character 'Lindsay'? 
Probably more than I'd like to admit. We're both very sneery. She's cooler than me though and I'm nicer, I think. 

How does Clay compare to it's younger cousin PLAY 8? Has a lot changed? 
I think it's loads better (no offence, PLAY 8)- it's grown into something challenging and surprising. It's got something to say. 

How are you finding working with Alex Hope's man bun? 
I fear and respect the man bun in equal measure. 

What has been your favourite rehearsal moment? 
I like it when randoms come in the room by mistake, and Hannah slaughters them with her eyes. 

If Clay were a song? What song would it be?
Love Yourself, Justin Bieber.  

What are the good-paying-punters in for when they come along to see Clay?  
Um, a good play. Yes. Clay the good play- it's funny and tricksy and- shan't pretend this isn't important- short. Love a short play.  

Clay runs at The Pleasance Theatre from the 12th - 24th April 7.45pm (5.30pm Sundays)
Tickets £10/12. Book Now!

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