60 Seconds With...Patrick Osborne

Patrick trained at Guildhall School Of Music and Drama. He has recently appeared in After October at the Finborough Theatre and Noises Off at the Nottingham Playhouse.


How are you today?

Pretty good actually. I’m in the process of defeating the lurgy.


What would be your dream acting role?

To play a TV villain in a crime drama who seems sane for the whole episode and then becomes unhinged in that final scene when they reveal it was them what done it. Like in old school Jonathon Creek of Scream films.


Have you got any nightmarish audition stories?

Director: Ok, let’s read again from the top.
Me: Ok
Me drops the unstapled script on the floor/
Me: Ah. Let me just ah ok that page goes no
Me on hands and knees at the feet of the first and casting director
Me: …..sorry…..

I also went up for an advert where I had to look in a mirror and react to my monobrow singing ‘I Started A Joke’ by The BeeGees.


Who is your favourite actor/writer/director?

Martin McDonagh’s writing is witty and bizarre and occasionally harrowing and can do ten things at once. I’ve always loved Philip Seymour Hoffman for telling the truth, whoever he’s playing.


If PLAY 23 were a food, what food would it be?

A tasty buffet of homely joke food – Jam Casseroly-poly and Trifle Surprise. I’ve only just read the first draft though…


Patrick will be performing in PLAY 23 as part of The Subterranean Season at VAULT Festival 2017, which opens next Wednesday. Tickets and information here…http://www.vaultfestival.com/event/the-subterranean-session/2017-01-25/

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