60 Seconds With...Dan Pick

Dan trained at Birkbeck and is the Artistic Director of Kuleshov and a Associate Director at Etch. He works as a freelance photographer and Producer/Director for TV/Documentary films. Previously, Dan was the Filmmaker at the National Theatre. Dan is directing PLAY 10. 

1. Which theatre would you most like to work at?
The one brave and savvy enough to programme a transfer of Stuart Slade's BU 21 from Theatre503 after its March 15 - April 9 run this year. (Can I do that...?)

2. How did you get into Directing?
A director with talent, vision and experience was hit by a car and I was asked to step in. My legal team have advised me to stress that I was nowhere near the scene of the accident and the director in question made a full recovery.

3. What is the biggest lesson that you’ve learnt in your career so far?
I'm not Picasso. I'm the guy who frames and hangs his paintings.

4. Which superpower would help you do your job better?
I'll take all of them. All the super powers. Omnipotence? Telepathy? Time-control? The power to distribute legitimate living wages to artists across the creative industries?

5. What was the best thing you saw at the theatre in 2015?
I saw two well-dressed, middle-aged women come to blows over the last pot of vanilla ice-cream in the interval of Everyman at the National Theatre. Great show. Everyman was also fine.

6. Which play would you most like to direct?
Whatever comes next from Stuart Slade, Jenny Knotts, Oliver Emanuel or Jerusha Green. These are the most exciting voices in British theatre and they're just getting started.

7. Favourite PLAY moment so far?
The occasion one of my cast stepped out of an improvisation to vomit - without breaking character - and returned to continue the scene as if nothing unusual had happened. I'm working with the SAS of British acting talent.