60 Seconds With...Florence Roberts

Florence recently appeared in BU21 at Theatre 503 and Shakespeare in Love in the West End. She will be starring in PLAY 18.

Did you go to Drama School?
Think so...

What is your dream role?
That sassy dog who swishes her bum around in a live action version of Lady and the Tramp

Which director would you most like to work with?
Matt Harrison? HANG ON ....Whaaaaat! 

Have you got any nightmarish audition stories?
I once had to ride a chair as if it was a horse in front of nine people (side-saddle) for about 20 minutes whilst pretending I had increasingly bad period pains for a Mooncup Ad.

Favourite PLAY moment so far?
Every time Matt H says the word delish

If PLAY 18 were an animal, what animal would it be?

I have no idea...

hat super power would make your life nicer?
World peace? And all of the Banana Bread at my disposal all of the time. 

PLAY: The Birthday Edition will be running at Hackney Showroom from 15th-18th June, 8pm. Tickets £10. For more info check out www.hackneyshowroom.com/play

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