60 Seconds With...Sam Freeman

Sam trained with Royal Court Young Writers Group and Lyric Theatre Young Writers Group. His latest play Scarlet ran at the Southwark Playhouse to critical acclaim. Sam is writing PLAY 10. 

1. Where did you grow up?
South London - Herne Hill.

2. How did you get into writing?
I always enjoyed creative writing at school - that and drama were my favourites. When I was 16, my school sent me on a two week Summer course at the Royal Court. Then, when I was at drama school, plenty of opportunities to write came up, and I realised I preferred it to acting.

3. What is your favourite play?
I'm really bad with favourites - I have loads. My favourite play of the last year is People, Places and Things by Duncan Macmillan

4. What do you wish you’d been told when you were starting out?
I still feel like I'm starting out! Maybe it's that - that writing is a craft and you have to hone it, and you will probably need to continue honing it as long as you are writing.

5. If PLAY 10 were an animal what would it be?
A lab experiment.

6. Which superpower would help you do your job better?
Time travel - like Hermione's watch in Harry Potter.

7. What have you enjoyed most about PLAY so far?
Learning to be open to whatever. The freedom to be a bit bonkers with it.