60 Seconds With... Matilda Ibini


Matilda Ibini is a writer from London.  She was BBC Writersroom 10 and Soho Theatre's writer in residence. She was awarded a BAFTA and Warner Bros scholarship. Her debut play Muscovado co-won the Alfred Fagon Audience Award.


Best thing you saw last year? 

So many things. I can't pick one. Mountaintop. Skin A Cat. Girls. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.


Favourite theatre building?

Don't make me choose. Soho Theatre/Bush Theatre - I feel like they house chameleon stages that could become anything.


What makes you happy?

So many things, but for now I'd say other people's happiness. I'm a happiness vampire... and rain.


Winter or summer?

Summer for sure.


Best smell?

Freshly made bread. I don't know why no one's turned it into a fragrance.


Favourite PLAY moment so far?

Improvising garden gnomes - that's all I'll say about that.


Biggest pet peeve at the theatre?

Access and the lack of choice of where you get to sit or the limitations on what you can see when you have specific access needs. I could write an essay about this.


If PLAY 28 was an animal what would it be? 

(Disclaimer: These are real animals.) I think PLAY 28 would be a cross between a unicorn and a phoenix - a phoenicorn!


Catch Matilda's PLAY 28 at VAULT Festival as part of our Subterranean Season
1st - 5th March, 8.25pm
Tickets £12


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