60 Seconds With... Oliver Dawe


Oliver is a theatre director and writer. He is the artistic director and co-founder of RIVE Productions, an associate artist of Hackney Showroom and an associate director of Etch Theatre. His recent theatre work includes Dead Sheep (UK Tour), Perfidious Lion; (Underbelly). Frau Welt; (Hackney Showroom). Pufferfish; (Pleasance Theatre). Oliver trained as a director at Drama Centre London and is currently being mentored by the Michael Grandage Company.


Best thing you saw last year?

The Princess and The Showgirl by Thick & Tight at Wilton’s Music Hall.



Favourite theatre building?

Hackney Showroom



What makes you angry?

Privileged white men making theatre… oh wait.


Last meal?

Pêra Rocha (Portuguese rock pear)


Dream shag?

Golden Virginia


Favourite PLAY moment so far?

Jessica Sian dropping her entire lunch on the floor.


What would your superpower be?

To instantly ripen avocados. Jesus. I hate myself.


If PLAY 28 was a colour what would it be?

A nice, gender binary pink, all frilly and girlish. Because that’s the way the world works. Right?


PLAY 28 will be playing at VAULT Festival next week as part of the finale of our Subterranean Season at VAULT Festival.

1st - 5th March, 8.25pm
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