60 Seconds With... Samuel E. Taylor

Samuel E. Taylor is a writer and theatremaker originally from the North East of England, now living and working in Somerset. Most recently he was writer on attachment with Bristol Old Vic via the Creative England iWrite and BBC Writersroom 10 schemes, he is a graduate of the Royal Court Young Writers Programme. His plays include CANIS and solo[solo] for Theatre West at Bristol Old Vic. 


Best thing you saw last year? 

Iphigenia in Splott / Of Riders & Running Horses / The Flick


Favourite theatre building?

The Maltings Theatre, Berwick-upon-Tweed


What makes you angry? 

The phrase ‘hot take’


Favourite book?

I’m just about up-to-date with the Knausgard series. Also, Emily Berry’s new collection Stranger, Baby is the one.


Dream dinner party guests?

John Nettles (mano a mano)


Favourite PLAY moment so far?

Meeting all the lovely people + spending an inordinate amount of time reading about lapsed Catholic/Hollywood actor, Michael Fassbender.


Night owl or morning lark?

Currently both.


If PLAY 29 was a food what would it be? 

High Protein Omelette.


You can catch PLAY 29 as part of the finale to our Subterranean Season at VAULT Festival.

1st - 5th March, 8.25pm
Tickets £12

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