Thalissa Teixeira: A message from the PLAYroom...

Thalissa Teixeira trained at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Recent credits include 'Electra' (Old Vic Theatre), 'The Changeling' (The Globe) and 'The Musketeers' (BBC). Thalissa will be starring in PLAY 10.

1. Who have you been PLAYing with today?

I've been lucky enough to be lassoed with Molly Vevers, a fellow actress I can trash the PLAYroom with; director Dan Pick, who's instantly drawn the best out of us; and word wiz writer Sam Freeman, who'll have a feat of a time picking up all the creativity we've shed in the rehearsal room together and reigning it into some sort of sense.

2. How is it all going in the PLAYroom - what have you enjoyed most about the process so far?

Friends to play with mummy. 

It's been such a release and a relief to be collaborating with such talent. There's normally an initial fear when joining a new team, but somehow we skipped that part and went heart first into exploring. Dan has, may I add with a stroke of genius, been using visual stimulation (naughty) in many of the improvisational elements of the rehearsal. Magically transforming the colours, tones and subjects of the artwork into sentiment, atmospheres and characters we can then jigsaw piece into the puzzle of what we're creating. It's been open, hilarious and tragic. 

3. Have there been any particular challenges?


Only with myself.

4. How is doing PLAY different to working in a conventional rehearsal room?

It's unconventional. So much freedom has been given to us and when four minds reach the same point at the same time...well, you can only imagine the euphoria. What a treat to have the opportunity to create for the sake of creating. Saying yes a lot and no hardly ever and hopefully resulting in something people really want to watch and listen to. For that is what it's all about in the end isn't it?

5. Have you worked on new writing before? 

Luckily, yes. Although not to the point where we begin before the writing. At RWCMD, where I trained, they introduced the NEW writing shows in collaboration with The Gate Theatre in Notting Hill. Working with Ned Bennett and Alistair McDowall on 'Pomona' was a lucid dream. 'Pomona' then was transferred to The Orange Tree and then to The Shed at the National Theatre. See kids, new writing, it works, good vybz.

6. How does it feel as an actor to be such a central part of the creation process?

Like a little golden nugget. The four of us have had the chance to be actors, writers and directors (when Dan lets us) and ultimately what is shown as the end product is a fully fledged completely collaborative journey put into action in front of an audience. (This could be you:

'THIS IS SO GREAT' says all of us, all the time.

7. Can you sum up your PLAY experience so far in three words? 

Making S**t Happen